Apr. 3, 2019

Rachel Hughes

Yadira does an AMAZING job on our condo! She has been very responsive to my texts and need to change times/days. Her cleaning work in our kitchen and bathrooms is just life saving. She leaves our house looking so perfect and even makes the bed for us without
us asking! It’s such a nice little touch! She has also done a great job helping us maintain our hardwood floors! She is so kind about our cat being out and about when she cleans and has made our condo look like a pet doesn’t even live there!

Dec. 16, 2018


Another good day with Yadira house shining very thankful

Aug. 22, 2018

Linda Swiatek

A clean house makes me happy, knowing you can trust a person alone in your home who cleans with care and respects all your personal possessions (and dog), makes me even happier. Yadis is that hard working, honest, professional who is great at her job.
She is always open to feedback and criticism, (even from the pickiest person...ME) and does her best to address all your concerns with awesome results, a clean house! Thank you Yadis, I really appreciate all you've done these past 2 years. I strongly recommend
her service!

Aug. 21, 2018

Janet King

Another great job by Yadira today! Wonderful to come home to a clean house . Recommend Yadira to clean your house. Dependable , trustworthy, on time, and knows a thing or two about cleaning 😀

Jun. 7, 2018

Glynis Smulian

Yadira is very reliable and trustworthy. She does a great job of cleaning my home and copes with lots of dogs without complaining. I highly recommend her company.

Mar. 29, 2017

Jeff LeRoy

We've worked Yadira more than a year now. She's responsive, accommodating and does a fantastic job! Completely trustworthy and will work through the occasional schedule challenge you might have. She's the best. Give her the oppprtunity, you won't regret

Mar. 12, 2017

Olivia Essan

Perfect cleaning touch is a great small company business, I like to give the oportunity to new companies growing as the same people help me to growing my business , Yadira had been my client for many years, now I'm one of hers clients and I'm very pleased
with her services , she is very trustworthy person, I feel in good hands with her.

Nov. 30, 2016

Dave Evans

As a single Dad having my kids every weekend plus my job I don't have time to keep up the house in good shape but I really want to make my kids feel my place like home, so I was looking for someone being responsible and I knew about Perfect Claening Touch
by a friend that hire them, so I contact them and I'd been very pleased with all the hard work she does for me. I definitely recommend Yadira as a responsible, trusty and hard worker woman

Jan. 29, 2016

Deb Elliott

I have known Yadira for about five years. She is caring, confident, and conscientious. I am glad to have her as a neighbor and friend. I have called on her for help on occasion and she is reliable and trustworthy. I was sure her business would grow and
thrive. I'm so happy she has so many satisfied clients.

Jan. 28, 2016

Vicky Winder

I had a surgery a few months ago and I wasn't able to move; meanwhile I heard about perfect cleaning touch so I decided to get in contact with Yadira and now I back to my normal activities but I never had a disappointment in stead I using this company
every other week and my mom does as well. She also love it. Since then we are very satisfied with Yadira and her team.

Highly recommend perfect cleaning touch

Jan. 28, 2016

Isela Moars.

I just met Yadis a few weeks ago and I decided to use her services and I'm VERY VERY pleased with her. She is a hard worker and FEELS GREATeverytime when I got home and looks clean and sparkling, I definitely recommend her company, one of the most things
I like about perfect cleaning touch is that do not use bleach, I just can not tolerate that smell and Yadis always give me a suggestion about different options. Now having her taking care of my home is one less thing to worry about. THANK YOU Yadis.

Dec. 27, 2015


If you need your house cleaned Yadira is the person to call. You can't find to many people now a days who is trust worthy and honest. She will clean anything. So if you need your house cleaned Yadira is the one you need to call. You will not be disappointed.
Take the time and call her I am glad I did.

Dec. 18, 2015

Mary Bidwell

Perfect Cleaning Touch has been a God-send! I'm a super-busy young professional and have very little time (or energy) leftover for cleaning; it's so great to have one less thing to worry about! I highly recommend Yadira for this type of work; she is careful
and thorough in all she does. She's happy to use the cleaning supplies you already have, but also makes her own all-natural and super-effective cleaning supplies (as she's health conscious for herself and her kids...as well as for those whose homes she cleans.)

There's nothing more calming than walking into a clean home at the end of a long day...except maybe a clean home and a glass of wine! ;) So, treat yourself (and share her web address with your friends so they can treat themselves too! 😉) I'm certain that if
you let Yadira add her Perfect Cleaning Touch you'll be glad you did!

Dec. 7, 2015

Noemi Towers

Perfect cleaning touch it everything I always looked for. Yadira has been responsible and extremely reliable. The services provided by her company have met all of my needs and even succeed my expectations. I recommend her services to anyone. When ever
she us at my house I feel safe and comfortable with her. I can ask her to do different task as my needs change and she has never had a problem. Again, she is responsible, reliable and honest. Her cleaning services along with her products have been the best
I've experienced in years. I enjoy having her services because while she is taking care of my home I can take care of my personal errands and save time. I highly recommend her!

Dec. 7, 2015

Tracey Sandman

Yadira has worked in my house for 6 months now. She is extremely responsible and does an excellent job. She brings some of her own cleaning products, but will use any that I prefer and provide as well. And she always asks how she can improve or do better
for me. I have been very pleased with her work.