Attention to details

Every home is different, so each home require special needs, our goal is to maintain your home clean

Every home is different, so we will design a plan with you that meets your home's special needs.  Our goal is to maintain your home to your satisfaction.
We work Monday through Friday with flexible timing that includes: 8-11  11-4  4-7
We understand that every person takes care of their own furniture in different ways.  We will work with your prefered cleaning products, (NOTHING WITH BLEACH OR AMMONIA).   
We can also use your own home cleaning supplies and basic natural cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda, etc.
Please let us know if someone in your home has any allergies that we should know about. 
Every home is unique and requires special care.  Let us help you take care of your home, so you can have more of your precious time back!
 Call us for a free in home estimate.
All areas dusted top/front/underneath (items removed & replaced) Make all beds Mirrors are cleaned and left streak-less Window sills wiped down Trash emptied Lamp shades dusted Carpets and carpet edges vacuumed Cobwebs removed Overall appearance left neat, tidy & organized BEDROOM
Bathtub scrubbed Toilet (and surrounding area) scrubbed & sanitized Mirrors cleaned and left streak-less Sinks & vanity tops scrubbed & sanitized Tile & chrome scrubbed Sills wiped down Trash emptied Baseboards/floors vacuumed and washed BATHROOM
Countertops/backsplash cleaned (items removed & replaced) Cabinet fronts washed Trash emptied Sinks scrubbed (including behind sink) and left shining Window behind sink (if applicable) washed Outside of oven and refrigerator cleaned Fingerprints wiped from woodwork/doors/switch plates Floor swept, mopped & sanitized KITCHEN
Furniture dusted (items removed & replaced) Glass tables cleaned Picture frames dusted Window sills wiped Lamp shades dusted Tile/hardwood floors mopped Carpets and carpet edges vacuumed Cobwebs removed Furniture Vacuumed / Newspaper / Magazines straightened Fingerprints wiped from woodwork/doors/switch plates Overall appearance left neat and tidy LIVING - DINING ROOM
Decorations/ picture frames dusted Carpet and carpet edges vacuumed or floor mopped HALLWAYS - STAIRS
Floor swept, mopped & sanitized, wiped down washer & dryer , Sinks scrubbed LAUNDRY ROOM

Addicional services provided at adicional fees

- Oven cleaning
- Refrigerator cleaning
- Organizing your pantry
- Moving day needs